Autodesk multi sheet plotter


The multi-sheet plotter can be found under the Windows start menu, Autodesk, Inventor 2018.

At the top you will be able to select a printer and change the properties to be either landscape or portrait.  Below the printer you have the option to work in either metric or imperial.  (This does not effect the units of the actual drawing but how the pages are fitted on the sheet for multi-sheet plotting)  After choosing the paper size (dependant on the plotter driver).  The gap is the distance between each page if there are multiple sheets on a page.  You can also scale the sheets on the page as well.  Once you have finished your settings and click next, you will then choose a project to plot from.  It is important that you have the correct project file selected so as not to get any file resolution errors.

You are able to choose either dwf, dwfx, dwg or idw files.

If the files are too big for the drawing sheet that you have specified, you will be warned and then will have the following options.

  1. Skip the file – the file will not be included in the multi plot
  2. Modify the page setup options – this will then allow yuo to plot the drawing at full scale
  3. Scale to fit – this will scale the drawing down to fit onto the sheet

If the dwf or dwfx is a 3D file then a message is displayed that the file is not compatible with Autodesk Multi-Plot.

Once all the drawings have been processed then the plotter will layout the sheets as per the settings.

The files are then generated and a preview shown.  If you are happy at at how the sheets will plot, click on submit and collect your prints.