Autodesk Subscription Software Activations


Activating Autodesk software has come a long way.  In the early days you had the hardware dongle which used to fit on the printer port.  Some software still utilises dongles but they now fit on a USB port.

Autodesk software then moved to a software lock which required you to give a request code which would generate an activation code that would activate the software.  Moving into the Cloud age Autodesk introduced user account licenses.

Multi-User or Network licenses are still available but only for a limited time.  Autodesk will be retiring them soon.

The license is supplied to a user by virtue of an email address.  This license checks a license server on the Cloud which then will issue a license if you are authorised by the account manager of that license.  This also makes it very easy for an administrator to issue and retract licenses as users enter or leave the company.

Even though the software licensing has moved to a cloud based one, the older licenses still remain as an option when starting up the software for the first time.  One of the issues seen is when there is no internet connectivity and the only option is to put in a serial number or access the license through a network file…no Sign In which is the cloud based option.

One thing to take note of is that if your Autodesk Desktop App is not working, your license will not function either.  One of the biggest issues I see here is the firewall blocking access to certain URL’s.  To resolve this issue you can look at the link for the URL’s to whitelist.