Autodesk Vault Basic – Getting Started

Autodesk Vault Basic is free to those who have an installed and licensed Autodesk product that qualifies them for it e.g. Inventor, AutoCAD and AutoCAD Verticals like AutoCAD Civil 3D.

As can be seen from the Vault website:

Vault basic cannot be used with the following applications:

  • Revit (Vault Professional)
  • AutoCAD LT (Vault Workgroup or Professional)
  • Inventor LT (Vault Workgroup or Professional)

A comparison between the products may be seen here:

So for those that do have qualifying products, Vault Basic (Server) can securely store and manage data in a central location:

  • Create, share, and reuse digital prototyping information
  • Version control over vaulted files
  • Package files for sharing.

The Add-Ins (Client Application) manages the checking in / out of documents into the vault.

Both the client and server applications must be installed and can be downloaded using the Autodesk Virtual Agent:

Click on “Download Links”

Select “Vault Products”

Select “Vault Basic Client”

Select the appropriate version to download:

The software is downloaded.

Download “Vault Basic Server” in the same manner. Updating your vault is an involved process that most probably would necessitate the attention of an Autodesk Application Engineer. Please contact Micrographics in this regard.

The online Vault Help is a great resource to learn from:

Even better, book into a Vault Essentials Course with Micrographics and benefit from being guided along by one of our Application Engineers.

If a professional opinion is required on whether Vault is the right product for you, contact Micrographics and request a meeting to discuss this.

If you need help or if you progress to bigger things, Micrographics is here to provide you with technical and sales assistance to implement and manage your Vault.

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