Autodesk Vault – Check-in multiple CAD designs at once


Check-in multiple files from Inventor

Checking in designs from Inventor has always been easy with the Vault add-in in the Inventor ribbon, however, we have always been limited to just a single check-in at a time. If you need to check in multiple files, your options are limited.

Checking in a single design

But sometimes we have worked on multiple designs and need to check them all in at once. Opening each one and checking them in may be extremely time consuming and laborious.

The long way…

The way most people currently do it involves, firstly, identifying of all designs checked out by you, then opening them, saving and checking in via the Vault add-in from Inventor.

A common workflow is to create a custom search from the Vault client that tells you what is checked out to you.

You can do this using the steps below:

Use the find tool.
Search for all files checked out by user

Optional: You can save this search by going to file>save search

Give it a name

The above saved search will be located in the My saved searches area in the Vault explorer.

This will work, but requires patience. It also doesn’t cater for checking in of new documents or designs that may lie in your local workspace.

Check-in Project

What you may not know, is that Inventor has a tool to do this all at once.

In Inventor, go to File>Vault Server> Check in Project

Here is where the tool is located

This will scan the local workspace for all files that are not checked-in, including related documents and non-CAD data.


Since it scans ALL files on your local workspace, it helps to periodically clear up the workspace to avoid lengthy and unnecessary scans.

Once the scan is complete, it will display the usual check-in dialog box, but you will notice that all designs and files that are not checked in from your local workspace appear in the list:

Check in Project Dialog Box

You will also notice that all related documentation and drawings are pulled in too, although that can be customized using the settings in that dialog as usual.

This method has the added advantage of also allowing the check in of files which were never checked into the Vault at all, since any new designs will be recognized in the same way as being “checked out”.

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