Autodesk Vault Data Standards

One of the hidden gems when you enter the world of Autodesk Vault is the Autodesk Vault Standards.  This allows you to force users to comply with your company standards and keep up the high integrity of your company.

There is an out of the box solution with the Autodesk Vault Data Standards and then you can also customise the interface and what is presented.  This customisation can be done using Powershell.  It is not too difficult and therefore if you have a small grasp of programming language it should be easy.

Autodesk Vault Data Standards can customise folder structures and the categories that get assigned to them.  This make it a breeze, if for instance you have a specific folder structure which can run quit deep for each project.  Instead of copying and pasting it from Windows explorer each time, you can create a new structured folder and then carry on working.  If you have a certain folder category that needs to be assigned to each folder as well, you can program that in as well.

A recent project that I was involved in required that there were certain properties that needed to be added to a few folders with a certain category.  There were about 15 folders and creating those properties manually was quite a tedious task.  Autodesk Vault Data Standards was able to do this with ease and is certainly cutting down on time spent with tedious manual tasks.

Creating files as well with regards to populating your own custom information is once again handled with ease with Autodesk Vault Data Standards.

With these examples on folders and file creation, Autodesk Vault Data Standards is a sure way to increase productivity in your company.

If you need any assistance with this please do not hesitate to contact Micrographics on to get you up and running with your own customised Autodesk Vault Data Standard.

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