Autodesk Vault – “Failed connecting to SQL Server”

When installing a newer version of Autodesk Vault, you may encounter the following error:

The message says: “”Failed connecting to SQL Server”

This is a general error indicating that the connection check to access the local SQL server has failed. There could be many causes, but most often, it is because the connectioncheck.exe file that is stored in the Windows temp folder is from the previous installation.

To resolve this you can try the following:

1. Do a clean uninstall of the previous Vault installation

  • Go to the start menu and search for the Autodesk Uninstall tool (It is just called “Uninstall tool, so you can search for that”)
  • Select the Previous version of the Vault and proceed to click “uninstall”.

  • Finally, got to the Temp folder (%TEMP%) and delete all the files.

2. Manually replace the SQLConnectcheck.exe file and run it

This is usually the solution for most people. To do this, you will need to navigate to the Autodesk Vault installation files location.

  • Here, under the following path: \en-us\edmPrechecks
  • You will find the SQLConnectCheck.exe file. Copy it.


  • Navigate to the Temporary files folder (%TEMP%) and paste it.
  • If it tells you that there is already a file of the same name present, select “Copy and replace”.

Now, we can run the file using command Prompt:

  • Run CMD. (You can search for CMD from the start menu or press Windows+R and type CMD)
  • Navigate to the temp folder using the following command:
    • cd %TEMP%
  • Now run the connect check using by simply typing the name of the .exe
    • SQLConnectCheck.exe
  • There are three arguments that need to be input in order for the check to proceed. They are:
      • -S     (Server name)
      • -U    (Username)
      • -P     (Password)
    • You will need to enter that information for the test to complete. If you are using the default SQL configuration, the input will look like this:
      • -Slocalhost -Usa -PAutodeskVault@26200

Once done the test should run and give you a “Connection Succeeded” message.

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