Autodesk Vault icons – Part 2

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Continuing from the previous post Autodesk Vault icons – Part 1 we continue on our journey to identify the different icons that appear whilst working with Autodesk Vault which help to identify the state of your file between the Vault server and your local drive.

  • A red bubble with a tick signifies that the file is checked out to you but the local copy is older than the copy in the Vault.

  • A white filled bubble and a cross signify that the file is checked out to one of your colleagues and you also do not have a local copy on your local workspace.

  • A green filled bubble signifies that the file is checked out to someone else and the copy on your local workspace is newer than the file in the Vault.  This happens when someone has edited the file but not synced the changes back to the Vault server.

  • The red bubble with the cross signifies that the file is checked out to someone else as well as the copy on your local drive is older than the file sitting in the Vault server.  This happens when changes have been checked back into the Vault from the other user and he has kept the file checked out to do further changes.

  • The paper clip signifies that there is an attachment to the file.  This is mainly non-CAD files that you may have inserted into the Vault and then attached to the file to keep track of.

  • This icon signifies that the part you are working with is a library component.  These files are typically store-bought or standard items that do not change.