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Categories in Vault Professional can be useful for setting up fixed lifecycles and properties that are applied to a selection of files or folders. Often, you may want to automate the process of assigning these categories depending on where the path of the data is, for example, a “Research and Development” folder may have a specific location on the Vault and in that location, you do not want to be burdened with the usual complex lifecycle applied to you production data.

The image above shows the category I have created called ‘R&DWORK’.

My category called “R&DWORK” has a purple glyph and a “Quick Lifecycle” associated with it.

Next I selected a folder of interest: A ‘Research and Development’ folder in which I want all data to belong to a unique category (R&DWORK), created especially for it.

My Special folder

Creating the rule

If you head over to Tools>Administration>Vault Settings>Behaviours, you will find the rules option

Here, you can automate the process of assigning a category based on certain criteria.

Start by defining what rules you want automate: files or folders. In this case, I want to ensure that any design or document I check-in to the Research and Development folder, is automatically assigned the “R&DWORK” category I created earlier.

The reason I wan to do this is because this category has a special “Quick lifecycle” that doesn’t have much approval or states. It is either ‘Work in progress’ or ‘released’. It also contains custom property fields that I have assigned to indicate that these are not production ready….

Rule criteria

I have simply used the criteria to ‘check the folder path‘ contains the words “Research and Development”. Thus, any time a file is checked in to that location, the category is automatically set to R&D.

Now, when working from Inventor or adding non-CAD data manually, Vault will automatically assign the “R&DWORK” category if it is checked in to the Research & Development folder.

Note: This will NOT retroactively apply to files already in that folder. To do that, you can simply do a custom search for all files in that folder and change their category.

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