Autodesk Vault Thin Client 2022


The Autodesk Thin Client is a great tool for users who do not need to interact and modify CAD data which is being stored in the Autodesk Vault.

We recently had an issue where we had some clients using Autodesk Vault Workgroup 2021 with a Vault office 2021 license but when upgrading them to 2022 we could not find the Thin client software to install on the server. We downloaded the Autodesk Vault 2022 Professional install files and lo and behold the Thin client install was available. So we did what every techie would do and pressed install and guess what happened. Nothing..ok not nothing but we did get a message stating that thin client could NOT be installed in Vault Workgroup.

After some investigation we came up with the following changes that Autodesk had made from the 2021 version to the 2022 version.

The below graphic is what was available in Autodesk Vault 2021.

As you can see there is access for Vault Workgroup in 2021 with an Office license and read AND write access with Vault Professional.

For the Autodesk Vault 2022 version the Autodesk Vault think client is ONLY available for Autodesk Vault Professional software. This software is also now read only and does not work with an Autodesk vault Office license as previously in 2021.

If you have bought an Office license and were using the Thin client with Autodesk Vault Workgroup or Professional 2021 you will now install the Autodesk Vault thick client and activate it with your Autodesk Vault Office license.