Autodesk Viewer – Interrogating the model


In the top left-hand corner, you have 4 options

  • Views
  • Model Browser
  • Properties
  • Settings

The Views show any views that have been created in the model from the originating software.  For example, in Revit, this would be any 3D views that you created from a camera and all the sheets that have been created when documenting the model.

The Model Browser will show what parts and assemblies make up your design.  At the top, you are able to do a search.  If you are working on a huge assembly you will be able to type in the name of the part that you are looking for and then navigate to that part of the viewing window.  If you right-click on any of the parts or sub-assemblies you have a few options available to you.

  • Isolate – This will make the parts that are not relevant become translucent so that you can more easily interrogate the part that is of interest to you

  •  Hide Selected – This will turn off the visibility of the object that you are querying
  • Show All Objects – This is a quick way to turn the visibility on of all the parts
  • Focus – This will maximize the size of the part being queried in the viewing window.   If you select the part in the Browser it will also maximize in the viewing window
  • Clear Selection – When you select a part it will highlight in the viewing window.  By selecting Clear Selection it will un-highlight the part in the viewing window.

Selecting the properties button will show the properties of any parts that are selected.