AutoDRAW – Application Options


Application options in AutoDRAW allows you to customise the way that the drawing is created.  You are able to add any template that you have created and then choose which one gets used when creating drawings.

You have the option to select different templates depending on whether you are creating a drawing for an assembly or a part.

For Center Line placement you have the following 4 options:

  • Hole features
  • Fillet features
  • Cylindrical features
  • Revolved features

Once again this setting can differ depending on whether an assembly or part drawing is being created.

Under annotation settings, you have the options to set the Parts list on either assembly or part drawings.  You can insert model dimension on parts and you can also insert bend notes on your sheetmetal flat patterns.

The Grid Load options displays the grid either in the assembly, sub-assembly and part hierarchy or as a straight list where you do not see where the parts and sub-assemblies are nested.

If you have created a custom iproperty in any of your parts or assemblies, which you would like to display in the grid, you are able to add it as a column by typing it in the Add Custom iProperty Column to Grid.

The Drawing Folder Settings controls where the drawings are saved.  This will be either in the same folder as the part or assembly or in a predefined folder.

When checking if the part or assembly has a drawing to it, you can filter out to check for either .dwg or .idw’s or both.

If you do not want to show Purchased files then you can exclude them on the Grid.

Each part or assembly generates one drawing file.  There is an option to create one drawing file with multiple sheets.

When creating the drawing you can also insert the value of the bounding box around the part or assembly.

The text placement for the CNC information for sheetmetal can either be placed underneath the flat pattern view or in the middle of the view.

With the assembly multiplier, you are able to work out quantities for all the parts if you are going to build more than one machine.  The GA QTY will give the total value of all the parts that need to be manufactured.