Create an Autodesk Software Deployment

Installing Autodesk software can be tricky if you do not know the correct settings to modify during setup.  If setup incorrectly, then trying to modify those settings can be even more time consuming if you do not know where the setting is to be changed.  I have seen this many times and sometimes it is just easier to uninstall and start again.

If you have your local Autodesk Reseller installing for you ask them to create a deployment for you so that if there is a computer being formatted or a new employee joining the company, you can just double click an icon and there we go….all installed and ready to rock n roll.

If you want to create the deployment by yourself I will detail how to create one for AutoCAD below.

Start up the AutoCAD Installation.  You should get the following screen.

Click on Create Deployment. The following screen is displayed.

You have the following to fill out:

  • Deployment Configuration Name – Type in AutoCAD 2020
  • Administrative Image Path – this is a shared folder that sits on your server which everyone should have READ access to.  The install files and deployment setup.exe will reside here
  • Target Platform – If you do not have a 64-bit operating system, please consider this as a priority.  The system will be able to take more load when creating drawings.  You also have the option to only include the necessary files and not everything in the installation directory the deployment is copying from
  • Installation settings – you have the options to interact (change your deployment settings) as well as create log files both locally and on a central location for troubleshooting any install issues

Next page is the acceptance of the EULA agreement

Following the agreement, you select if the license type is Autodesk ID, a Serial Number based license or a Network License.

Following the license choice, you will then, as per normal, fill in the settings for AutoCAD.

Select Create and your Deployment is created.








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