Create Roof Trusses with Purlins in Revit


Revit – Create Roof Trusses with Purlins

Some first-time users of Revit are under the impression it is difficult to create components. They would rather revert to what they know, which is often 2D CAD. While I can relate to their frustration (software can always be bettered or made more user-friendly), it is still unfortunately as this great platform to create Architecture in.

But as with all things in life Revit takes practice and know how to make it work. Some years ago I took to creating houses in AutoCAD in 3D and if I had the choice I would not revert to it as an Architectural authoring tool again. Instead, I would find ways in which I could make Revit work for me instead. In this video blog, I look at creating a roof truss system which also has purlins. Following my example and doing for yourself a few times should allow you the confidence to tackle roofs with confidence.