Creating a custom Component in AutoCAD Electrical


AutoCAD Electrical is an awesome turbo boost if you are creating electrical schematics for Panel design. Creating these in normal AutoCAD is time-consuming and tedious but not in ACAD E!!!

Today we are going to showcase how easy it is to create custom schematic and panel components in ACAD E as you know you might have built up an awesome block library that you do not want to give for the stock standard Autodesk symbols. (although they are still extensive and awesome)

Open the symbol builder found on the Other Tools panel on the ribbon.

The following dialog box opens.

This is very similar to the block and wblock wizard that you use to create blocks in normal AutoCAD with a few Elec additions.

After selecting the objects that you want in your symbol and the base point you will choose which attribute library to use. This would typically be IEEE, IEC2 or JIS.

You then select how your symbol is going to behave.  Is it a parent or child component. Is it horizontal or vertical. Is it a schematic or panel component.

Once this is done you select ok and the block editor environment opens with the symbol builder attribute editor.

For wired connection, you will select if the connection is coming from the top, right, left or right of the symbol. You insert it with either your grid or object snap on.

The required field is attributes that MUST be included in the symbol or it will not convert into an Electrical symbol.

Once the attribute has been inserted a green tick will appear on the left-hand side of it.  You will also notice the attributes visible in the block window.

Click on Close Block Editor on the right-hand side of the ribbon. This brings up a window that verifies what you have chosen.

You can change details here but for the best part you are done.

Click on OK, say yes I would like to insert the block into the drawing and you have now created your first custom symbol.