Dielectric priority control


The other day I was doing some renders of designs in Fusion 360 and saw an interesting feature,
Dielectric priority control. When I looked up what this tool actually does, I myself was very surprised.


When we want to render objects like fluids in Fusion 360, we normally leave a minor air gap. if we don’t, then the following may happen when we hit the render

The lines you can see on the render is due to the faces sharing the same space, this creates an uncertainty and Fusion (most other CAD packages included) does not know what part to render. Normally we can solve this by offsetting and creating a very small air gap to separate the faces.

As you can see that this does work but increases greatly with complexity and time, Though even then, this still may not look as good as we wish.

There is a much simpler way to get even better results faster. Change to your Render environment,

Select a major object, in the picture below, (I picked the Fluid as it was commonly reacting with everything in the render.)
Right click on the object in the browser and the menu should display,

Select the dielectric priority control, In the dielectric priority control menu, I set Component to Fixed and the Dielectric priority to 5

In a basic way, what this does, is create a priority order when rendering, The lower the number set as the priority, the more it will be prioritized.
In the image below you can still make out some lines, this will go away with setting the other bodies Dielectric priority values.

With a bit of tweaking, you can quickly achieve good looking renders.