Downloading and activating Eagle CAD Premium from your Fusion 360 entitlement

If you are a user of Eagle CAD you will know that it is a pretty awesome package.  Recently Autodesk ( who acquired CADSoft a few years ago) gave us all an awesome surprise by announcing that with every Eagle package you acquire you will get a full seat of Fusion 360.  You get the best of both worlds!

Downloading and activating Eagle might not be as straight forward so I will outline what needs to be done to get to your Eagle software.

Firstly you need to make sure that it is reflecting in your Autodesk account.

Clicking on download will take you to the following page – Eagle CAD.

The page has a Free download for the software for either Windows, MAC or Linux.  Select the Operating system that you work on download.

Once the installation has completed you can open the software.  You will notice that in the top left hand corner it states that this software is the free version and it is unregistered as well.

Now here is where the confusion might set in.  You have access to Eagle Premium so why is it stating that it is the Free version.  To solve this issue click on the drop-down next to unregistered and select sign in.

The familiar Sign in dialog box appears where you will enter your email address and password for your Autodesk account.

Voila! Your Eagle has now been transformed from the Free version to your Premium version that you are entitled to.


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