Enable spec Driven Project P&ID

A great feature in Autodesk Plant 3D,

is the ability to control our project P&IDs using our same spec files we use when designing the 3D Piping,

This then allows us to know when we are drawing,

If our Pipes, Valves, Fittings, etc. are available to be used.

This helps us avoid any mistakes and potential rework.


It is very easy to enable this basic functionality,

Open the Project Setup,

Go to P&ID DWG Settings, Pipe Specs in P&ID.

Then change the toggle from the Standard Project to Spec Driven Project.



















This is basically it for enabling the base functionality.

When you enable Paint P&ID on the P&ID Panel on the Ribbon (Make sure it is set to Off Spec Piping)





It then Highlights anything that is Out of and In spec in different colours,

This data is drawn from what ever spec you have designed with, in this case 10HC01.














It will even show you if the line size you are attempting to use is off spec.











We can change the Colouring of the indications by going back to the Project Setup,

Go to P&ID DWG Settings, P&ID Painter Settings,

Make Sure Off Spec Piping is selected,

Select the colour buy clicking the little square colour block,

When done, do not forget to select Apply/OK.



















If you want to, you can change some of the data mappings to the 3D components.

In the Project Setup,

Go to P&ID DWG Settings, Pipe Specs in P&ID, Pipe Spec Object Mapping.

You can then choose what components to map,

If it is in the Lines, Valves Fittings, etc.

Then the actual data it will pull from the 3D spec, off the Object and Property Mapping tabs














Don’t forget to accept/OK when you are done.

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