Enhancing the Inventor Experience – Autodraw


Inventor is a great tool for design and it can do a lot for you and your design team but it might not be able to do tasks that are specific to you and your company.  That’s where add-on packages become advantageous.

Here at Micrographics, we strive to make your life easier by automating workflows that would otherwise take a tremendous amount of time depending on how many steps you have in the manual tasks you are performing.

One of the tools that we have created is Autodraw.  As the name suggests it creates drawings for you automatically and it is quite intuitive when it comes to creating those drawings.

At first glance, you will see the familiar ribbon that is prevalent in all Autodesk software.  This is done so that the UI does not scare you too much.  The most difficult part of learning any new software is the interface.  If you can’t easily find the commands then you will probably give up on the software very quickly.

Just below the ribbon, you will find the node selection.  This allows you to very quickly select the different types of files that are found in the assembly that you are querying.

In the main window you will find the assemblies and parts as well as information regarding the various components.  You can very quickly see what type of files you have created (assemblies, parts or sheetmetal parts).

As this program allows you to automatically create drawings of your design it has a column which will indicate if a drawing exists for the part or assembly.