Enscape for Revit – Render Lights in Real Time


Enscape for Revit – Render Lights in Real Time

While researching the rendering of lights for Revit files in various platforms (Enscape for Revit, V-Ray, Lumion, Revit Live and 3ds Max), one thing became clear: the only solution that gives a real-time render of the lights as defined in Revit (using photometric web files or as they are commonly known – IES files) is Enscape.

Imagine you are a lighting designer and you want to tweak lighting settings. Traditionally you would have to spend some time rendering the scene before you can see the changes effected. Typically this would be a low resolution Render in Revit. Enscape does not provide motion film quality, but it gives a super-fast impression of the design.

The license covers both Revit and Sketchup. It is also ridiculously easy to use and can output pictures, 360 pictures and real time Virtual Reality (navigate through the model using a VR headset and controllers)! You can also write out an EXE file to share with clients and if they run they will be able to navigate the model as you set it up! Contact Micrographics if you would like to purchase or if you have any further queries.

Enjoy designing lighting in real-time!