Fusion 360 CAM – Stock Setup


When setting up the stock you have the following options with which to specify how big your stock is going to be.

  • Fixed size box – Exactly what it says.  So if you get your stock as a fixed size you will choose this.  What this also allows you to do is position the model within the stock by shifting it along the X,Y or Z axis

  • Relative size box – This stock will be relative to the size of your model and it can be the exact size of the model (no oversize) or you can have various options of different versize for the sides, bottom and top of the stock

  • Fixed size cylinder – A stock cylinder that has a fixed size

  • Relative size cylinder –  A cylinder stock that has a stock size that will be oversized to the body

  • Fixed size tube – This is stock shaped as a tube.  You will specify what the size of the inner and outer diameter is.  You can also specify where the model is positioned inside the stock centrally, closer to the front or to the back

  • Relative size tube – A stock shaped as a tube that is oversized relative to the model being created

  • From solid – You can manually create a body in Fusion 360 and select it as your stock

The third option we have for setup is the post processor option.  Here we will create the name for the program as well as put in program comments.

You can also specify a WCS offset if needed for the machine and the probe.