Fusion 360 – How to Share Projects and mangage teams

Do you need to work from home or collaborate with a group of your colleagues on a new or existing project?

Well, Fusion 360’s collaboration tools and projects workflow may be the way to go.


Teams, Projects and People

In Fusion 360, open the project selection pane. Here you will find a list of all your projects and library assets. You can create a new project using the “new project” button. This will create a new project with you as the “owner”.


If you click on your name (top left corner), you will see a drop down list of all the teams you belong to. You may or not already be a part of other teams. Alternatively you can create a new team.


If you have a company/private email domain, Fusion 360 will find all other teams in that domain and suggest to join them. They would of course have to subject to the owner of that teams approval. Once you have joined a team, you may select it to be the currently active team and you will be able to see that the project pane now displays all projects belonging to that team that have been shared with you.

Note: If you are already the owner of a team, you cannot create another. Each address on the domian can create one team which they can invite their colleagues to.

So how can I share a project of mine with others?

Double click on the project file you wish to share and click on the “people” tab. This will allow you to invite your colleagues using their email address. Once they have accepted the invite, they will have access to all the data in that project.






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