Getting started on AutoCAD for MAC – Part 3


So you have bought the latest Macbook Pro and are getting your ducks in a row with native software for the MAC OSx.   You have been using AutoCAD on a PC for years and have become very comfortable with all the functionality that AutoCAD has to offer.  So you install AutoCAD for MAC on your pretty machine and start playing around but wait…some of my functionality is not there.  What happened to baseview…and why can I not use sheetsets like I used to?   AutoCAD for MAC is still in it’s infant years.  It will get stronger and more powerful as the development continues, but until that happens just make sure that you are happy with the functionality that AutoCAD for MAC brings to the table.

Some of the naming convention has also been changed.  For instance Design Centre is called the Content Palette which is also very similar to the Tool Palette that you find in the PC version.  I also found that the sheetset manager works up to a certain point and then you can’t quite seem to squeeze that last piece of information out.   On you layer tools you do not have Layerwalk, Layer Manager or Layer current.  In a big drawing with alot of layers this could get quite tedious without these tools.

They have also done away with the ribbon, and have the drop down menus of old, so that was not too pleasant.

AutoCAD 2017 introduced smart centrelines which adapt to the geometry that it is attached to.  AutoCAD for MAC does not have this but I am sure that it will be included in the next release.

For a comprehensive list of what is not included you can go to the following link.

Happy AutoCAD-ing