Inventor 2020 – Extrude Panel


First thing to notice when working with the new Extrude panel is that there is only 1 “tab” unlike the old dialog box.  all the commands are laid out below one another and the logical course of action is to start at the top and work your way down.

Starting from the top you will notice it has the words Extrude and Sketch2.  This tells us that we are creating an extrusion on sketch2.

In the top right you will notice a blue block.  This will change the shape being created from being a solid or  surface.

In the input geometry section you are able to select the profile(s) and Inventor will automatically select from which sketch plane you are starting the extrusion from.  You are able to change this later when configuring the behavior.

The behavior section allow us to flip the direction or have the extrusion be symmetrical or asymmetrical.

You are then able to input a value for the distance as well as confirm the termination of the extrude.  Is it through all, to (a face) or to next.

When selecting the asymmetrical direction a second distance option will appear and you will need to input the second value.

If the value is not set then Inventor will highlight the input section as red as well as put an exclamation mark within a triangle next to the input.  Just another valuable visual to help make sure that all values are input.

In the output section we have our boolean effects – Join, subtract, intersect as well as create a new body.

The advanced properties was in the past on a second tab in the extrude dialog box. Here you will find the option to taper the extrusion as well as automatically create an imate for the extrusion for use in an assembly when you are constraining your components.