Inventor 2021 – How to enable Dark Mode


Inventor has slowly been updating it’s interface with new palettes and icons and with Inventor 2021 we have finally received dark mode!

Now before we get too excited not everything has been updated to dark mode (which we will see later) but enough has been done to make us smile from ear to ear.

When opening Inventor, you will notice the familiar light theme you have always been accustomed to.

To set the dark mode navigate to the Application Options button on the Tools tab.

Select the colors tab and click on the drop down for UI Theme.  Select Dark (pre-release)

It takes a few minutes but it is worth the wait for some of the interface.  In the below image you will see that only the ribbon has been converted to a dark theme hence the pre-release label.

Opening a new part, assembly or drawing you will see the full effect of what dark mode is about.

This is great but what else has not been included with dark mode.  If you open all the panels we can see the following.

In the above image the Model and Favourites panel has been converted to dark mode and the iLogic and iLogic Log panel remains on the old light user interface.

As previously stated most of the user interface has been converted with pockets of the software still to be migrated. (opening the iLogic rules or forms dialog boxes will still show the light mode) Be patient Autodesk is working on it and all should be converted by the time we hit Inventor 2022.