Inventor 2022 has been released

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It’s that time of the year again where our inbox get’s flooded with a barrage of “you have a new upgrade available to you”.  Autodesk has released their 2022 updates and it is looking juicy!

Inventor 2022 has once again landed with many new features most of them customer driven from the Inventor Ideastation.  So if you are a user of Autodesk Inventor and have an idea that you think will make your life and the lives of other Inventor users more enjoyable, post your idea and get your friends and family to give it the thumbs up and maybe you will see it it in the next release or two.

First thing that I am happy to report back to is that the dark mode UI is now out of Beta!  Everything is now in a nice dark mode.

The biggest update to this release is most definitely model states.  This allows the user to create different representations in both assemblies and parts.  These model states allow you to present different stages for manufacturing or different simplification levels in our part or assembly.  You can also create product families as well as adjustable or flexible parts.

Another big update is the option to take your models straight from Inventor to Fusion 360 with a click of the button.  This is a great time saver if you are using Inventor to do your modelling and then using Fusion 360 to CAM it out.

The third big update would be the tighter integration between Inventor and Revit.  If you are working with an architect or builder and you need ot share and tightly integrate your models between Inventor and Revit, Inventor 2022 is the way to go.