Inventor – Drawing Resource Manager


When working in Inventor you do come into situations where information needs to be transferred from one file to another.  To replicate this information would take a mountain of work and in today’s fast paced world time is money.  For Autodesk Inventor template creation is a very important part of the design process.  If you do not have a template you are missing out on a lot of time saving and value added resources. From saving you time in getting a design very quickly out to manufacture or nt having to worry about the new designer putting in dimensions with the wrong font.   If you have a template and would like to share some of the content that you have created in one template to another then you can use the Drawing Resource Transfer Wizard.  This is found under Start, Autodesk Inventor 20XX (where XX is the year)

Please note that you have to have Inventor closed for this operation.  The Drawing Resource Transfer Wizard opens.  

After hitting the next button you will be asked to select the source drawing (the template that you want to copy resources from).  It will display the resources that you would like to copy.  After selecting which drawing borders, title blocks and sketched symbols you would like to copy over you will then be asked which drawing you would like to copy the resources into.  It will also ask if you would like to override any resources that contain the same name as the source and target drawing.  Once this is done it will copy into the new drawing and you can start using your new template.