Inventor Modelling – iLogic and customisation


Modelling in Inventor can give you many a different human emotions. The highs when the model does exactly what you want it to and the lows when you open your assembly and everything falls apart after you update.

I am currently working on a project which is setup beautifully.  It has all the nuances that you would like to see in your model. From the beginning where you have automation with iLogic and a customisable model that continues the work to what the client would like for their project. This is a very important workflow, as in this day and age more and more clients want their product to be customised but we as designers and engineers do not have the time to start from scratch each time. Utilising the iLogic technology within Inventor allows a certain amount of standardisation whilst also allowing that identity that the client wants from their product.  Very similar to what car manufacturers are doing by sharing the same platform between different brands but then customisising the “skin” as it were.  eg Audi Q5 and Porsche Macan or the BMW ZR4 and Toyota Supra.

The iLogic allows you to start designing without having to worry too much about what the exact end result is going to be.  This allows yo to get an early start and start to get into the design whilst either the engineers or the client is still mulling over exactly what the end result will be.

Couple this with the adaptive technology that allows the model to update without having to change dimensions in different parts and you have a pretty solid platform to complete designs that are accurate in a very timeous manner.

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