Inventor Old Version Folder

Recently we were messing around with the Vault and an assembly in Inventor and things took a turn for the worse.  No matter what we tried somehow the parts were not the correct ones in the previous version.

What some people do not realise is that Inventor stores the last saved file in the old versions folder.   So for us to get around this situation we had to replace the existing parts with the old version part.

In the following example I have 3 different parts.  Somewhere along the line someone came in and changed the side plate so that it is too short.

The correct part as you see still resides in the old versions folder.  It would be quicker to make the old versions file the current one as then we would not have to go and find the correct measurements again.

Inventor old versions folder

As you can see you can open the old version or you can restore the old version to the current version.  By restoring the old version to the current version you are then able to save the part and then re-open the current assembly and the correct (long end plate).

Here is a link to a video showcasing the workflow.

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