Inventor or Fusion 360?

There have been many a discussion on whether Autodesk is prepping Fusion 360 to be the new kid on the block.  As Inventor took over Mechanical Desktop, they say that Fusion 360 is going to takeover Inventor. My opinion, it is definitely not.

Over the last few releases of Inventor we have seen how the integration between Fusion 360 and Inventor is getting tighter and more integrated so that it is near seamless in sharing information between the two.  AnyCAD has been introduced into both platforms which allows you to “XREF” both Fusion 360 into Inventor and visa versa.  The fact that you do not have to go through a translation process is a plus.  This is where the most “oopsies” occur when the translator misses something and then all design intent is lost.

Both Inventor and Fusion 360 have the HSM Cam built into it. From what I have seen with the manufacturing extensions, Autodesk is adding more functionality from their DELCAM purchase into the Fusion platform.  This does not mean that the CAM in Inventor is a slouch but it does mean that you have a lot more power at your finger tips in Fusion 360 with the manufacturing extensions.

But what if you have designed the component in Inventor and want to do the CAM toolpaths in Fusion 360? Simple, you click the button!  Inventor has a send to Fusion 360 button specifically for this.

The FEA in Fusion 360 is also run with the NASTRAN engine with Inventor having the bulk of the functionality here.  With Fusion 360 you have the plus of it being run in the cloud which will free you up to do other tasks while waiting for the simulation to solve.

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