Inventor Studio


I have not used Inventor studio for quite some time now and was asked if Inventor could do animations (good looking rendered animations) as there was a need to show how some equipment was removed from the general assembly.

The .ipn environment does what was needed but the output quality was not that great.  In comes Inventor Studio.

A little background if you do not know what Inventor Studio is.  It is an animation and rendering environment built into Inventor.

To access Inventor Studio you activate the Environment Tab.

inventor studio access


As you can see the ribbon changes to show the Inventor Studio Environment.

inventor studio ribbon

The first panel is the Render panel.  This allows us to do both renders as a still or as an animation.

The second panel is the Scene panel.  The Studio Lighting Styles allows us to setup the lighting styles (a pre setup configuration of lights in an environment).  You can setup where your cameras are positioned as well as put in extra lights, in addition to the lights in the lighting styles, with the local lights command.

The third panel is the animate panel.  This allows us to animate (move, rotate) components.  You can animate constraints, cameras (make them move) as well as animate lights (make them blink). You can also become a movie director with the video producer if you want.

The last panel is the Manage panel.    The Parameter Favorites lists only user parameters or parameters whose name has been changed.

So Inventor Studio has all the tools for you to successfully engage in some nice renders and animations whilst having some fun being a movie director.