Inventor Version Updates


When Autodesk released Inventor 2016 it was the first version where they started releasing major enhancements every few months. 2016 had 2 major releases R2 and R3.  A lot of these enhancements were user requests which were logged at the Ideastation website.

The way that the forum works is that you put up your idea (only one per post) and detail, with illustrations if possible, how you think that the development team could enhance the software.  If you like an idea that has been posted then you give it a thumbs up to accumulate kudo’s.  The more kudo’s the idea gets the higher up the ranking s it goes and then it goes into a consideration with the development team.  If they see that they can implement it, the idea will go into an accepted phase and you will probably see it within the next 2 releases.

These releases are only available if you are on an active subscription or maintenance plan.  To explain.  If you discontinued paying your subscription or maintenance and you were on Inventor 2016 when R1 and R2 was released, you would still be able to use Inventor 2016 but you would not  have access to the R2 and R3 download even though you are currently on 2016 as you have not kept your maintenance plan up to date.

Inventor 2017 has already had 3 releases.  R1,R2, and R3.   In my next blog, I will break down whats new in Inventor 2017 and its updated releases.