Plant 3D – Adding more information fields to drawings

Adding more information fields to drawings

Plant 3D allows us to add multiple fields on a per drawing or even per project bases.
This is very useful as we can then add information or modify it without having to even open a drawing.

For this example, go to Project Setup, Drawing Properties
This section handles the per drawing base properties.

Select Add to create a new category and give it a name and select OK.




















Now that the category has been created,
Select the Add Row, then assign it a Name and Description.
Select OK to continue.



















Multiple rows of data can be added and referenced on a per drawing bases.

Select OK to accept these changes.




















On the drawing border, Insert a field in the area for reference.
I like to use a multi line text box and insert a field.















In the Field names, Select CurrentDwgCustom,
In the Custom property category, use the drop down and add the category created earlier.
Do the same for the Custom property name.
Select OK when done.
















The Field can now accept data,
Right click the drawing and select properties.













In the properties, scroll down on the menu,
Fill in the new information fields and select OK.









Save the drawing, the fields should populate with the data inserted into the drawing properties.
Just for information, as like normal fields, the dark grey background in the field is not plotted, this can be turned off in the AutoCAD settings.







As I said earlier, these can even be edited when the drawing is closed and can be referenced elsewhere.

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