Plant 3D BIM collaboration project – Part 2 – BIM 360 Side


In the first blog, we started in Plant 3D and uploaded the project,

Before we can do this, we need to create a Project in BIM360.


First go to the address in your favorite web browser to login:

Used the Sign In button.









Enter your registered Email and select NEXT.









Enter your Password and select SIGN IN.








You should then be logged into the Account Admin screen,

Just to make sure we are on the same page,

Click the dots the top left corner of the page to access the options

Make sure you are on the Account Admin page.

If the option is not there then you are not an Account Admin and will need to find out whom this is.





In the screen you should now see the past projects or it may be blank if this is the first one.

To add a new project,

click the Add button on the top left.






In the Create Project Profile Menu,

Fill in the information relating to the project.

When done, select Save & continue.






The Activate Services screen opens.

Now we need to activate the relevant services for our project.

For this example, Document Management, Project Management, Design Collaboration.

Click Activate.






If you had a project you would like to copy the structure from,

Select it in the Copy project setting drop down.

Fill in user details and click Save.

Repeat this step for the other services.

When done click Finish.












The Project has been created,

To add users, please see the next part, Adding users to the project