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Sometimes we run into a little issue in plant when we have a tank that shares a wall with another,

Most seen in concrete tanks such as large digesters.

The issues become apparent when you try to convert the 3D model to Plant Equipment and tag it,

You will normally only be able to tab one or the other, not both…

To get around this issue,

we can do a very simple thing,

Just spilt the 3D model in two! Midway along the boundary wall.

In this example I literally used the normal AutoCAD Slice command for 3D solids.

Located the mid points and Sliced along them (just remember to keep both ends)

This left me with two halves,

Now I can convert and tag each one separately, but they can still fit nicely together.














The next thing with tanks that is a bit difficult to normally get right,

Are internal tank items,

The stock standard menu is very robust in routing outside tanks,

but becomes a problem when you have a nozzle inside the tank


to solve this is quite straight forward but requires a bit of manual prodding.

Just locate the Nozzles position on the tank wall,

Then route the correct pipe size through the Tank,

add a flange at the desired length.

Then explode the components until they are base AutoCAD 3D solids.

Once done, use the Join Boolean to join everything together.

Now you can convert the 3D model to a Plant Tank and assign the nozzle onto the one we just created.
















Happy Routing!

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