Simplifying Assemblies

Have you ever had to send an Inventor assembly or part to someone and hide components or IP that resided in the component?  Many of you have probably heard of shrinkwrap but is it enough to hide the components and features that you do not want visible? The short answer to that is no. So what can we do to make sure that the parts and features that are integral to your design and not for anyone else’s prying eyes is safe for you.

First you can create a simplified part and then the fun begins. There are a few features available which will help you and they are found on the Simplify panel. If you cannot see the panel when in a part you need to make sure that it is available by right clicking on the ribbon and selecting Simplify.

Remove details will get rid of any chamfers or fillets.  You want to get rid of these as they are unnecessary and will bloat the final model that you output to send to your client.  Fill voids will add a patch surface and then sculpt a solid body to join with the rest of the part you are working with. Think about it, whoever i using your design does not need to know where every single hole and slot is. They need the outer extremities and the general shape so they know where to place their components and also what they are looking at.  Blocks and cylinders are not your fried when looking fro realism.

If you do need that cylinder or block, then define envelopes will do the trick for you. This is used to swallow up a whole bunch of detail that might reside in the body of a cylindrical or box component.

Once this is all done you can then export out to a STEP file and be safe in the knowledge that your IP is safe and sound back at your office.

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