Sync Autodesk Vault Professional to Fusion Team (Part 1)


With Autodesk’s introduction of Fusion 360 and Fusion Team, more engineering data has been moving to cloud storage.  This has been a big leap forward in the way that companies can collaborate with external and internal stakeholders.  This spreading use of the cloud has created a need for companies, using Vault, to be able to pass this data between Vault and the cloud.  Being able to do this opens new possibilities for external collaborators and even streamline internal processes.  Take these two scenarios from industry.

Scenario 1:

Company A contracts a design supplier, Joe, to work on portions of a project.  Joe is provided with a package of data that he needs to work with.  Every time this data changes, as the project evolves, he must be supplied with a new data pack.  When Joe is done designing, he needs to return his data pack to Company A.  This data pack is then checked into Company A’s Vault as a first revision.

Scenario 2:

Company B designs in Inventor and manages data with Vault, they need to get part files to their machining supplier, but do not want to give direct access to all the design files.  The supplier uses Fusion 360 as their CAM application.  Files are generally exported in step format and shared via email or cloud storage for the machine shop to retrieve and work with.

Now in both examples there is a physical handling of data to move one source to a destination, and this is done repeatedly.  Being able to do this automatically and on a regular basis will keep all parties up to date.  Join me in Part 2 where we look at what is required to setup the integration between Vault and Teams.