Sync Autodesk Vault Professional to Fusion Team (Part 3)


In Part 1 we were introduced to 2 scenarios where data needed to be exchanged.  Part 2 gave a quick overview of how this can be achieved.  In Part 3 we will take a deeper dive into how to setup Project Sync within Vault Professional.  Follow the steps below to achieve this.

1. Ensure that Desktop connector is installed on the machine used to setup the project sync as well as on the job processor(s).

2. Log into Vault Professional as an administrator and go to Tools > Administration > Vault Settings > Collaborate tab. Click on Configure under the Project Sync Management area.

3. Click the New button at the top to create a new definition

4. In the Cloud Drive Mapping – “New Definition” dialog box you will need to add the following
a.  A definition name.
b.  Choose the appropriate settings for your definition.
c.  Select which Vault folder to map to which cloud drive folder. The cloud drive folder must exist to be able to select it, pre-create this folder if required.
d.  To schedule the sync of specific folders within the one selected in step 4b, add these using the green +.
e.  Once the folder is added, adjust the sync settings as required.

Settings to note:

Upload to cloud drive, is good to use when you want to supply information to someone without needing to retrieve information back.  Adding a filter to this can allow for files to be uploaded if they have a specific property.  In Scenario 2 explained in Part 1, all the machined files could have a custom property with the word “Machined” and these are uploaded for the machining supplier to retrieve.

Download from cloud drive works well when only needing to retrieve information from an external design supplier.

Bi-directional sync is used best when internal and external designers need to be editing the same files.

View part 4 for a summary of this series.