Tools under utilised in Autodesk Vault

Autodesk Vault is used by many an Inventor and AutoCAD user but not to it’s full potential.

On of those features available in both Autodesk Vault Professional and Workgroup which is being under utilised is the report function.  The Vault Reports are created by selecting a folder or creating a folder and dragging short cuts of components you want to have in the report and selecting the Report button.

There are predetermined reports available which you can edit and format to your own company standards.  Depending on whether you are running Vault Workgroup or Vault Professional you have the folowing reports available out the box.

  • BOM – First Level
  • BOM – Multi Level
  • BOM – Parts Only
  • Duplicates Report
  • ECO Average Close Rate
  • ECO by State
  • ECO Detail
  • ECO Status Created on Month
  • ECO Table
  • File By Category
  • File By Lifecycle State
  • File Checked Out By
  • File Detail
  • File Table
  • File Transmittal
  • Item By State
  • Item Detail
  • Item Table
  • Project Dashboard
  • Vault Professional In-CAD

Another underutilized tool is the Data Mapping within Inventor.  This allows you to run the report and have a colour visualization. This gives a colour mapping on the parts that you have opened in Inventor and correlates it to the report that you have executed.

Another way that reports can be utilised is with Bill of Materials.  This allows a B.O.M to be run and seen without having access to the Inventor software.  This can then be exported for further use down the workflow process.

Finally, did you know that reports can also be run on a search that has been done?  Find the Report button in the bottom left hand corner of the dialog box.

Happy reporting everyone!



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