Trouble shooting network licenses and VPN


How do you get a network license for your Autodesk product if you’re locked down and working from home or on site at a customer?

Firstly, you will need internet access and a VPN connection to your work’s local network.  This VPN may already be configured and you will just need to connect, or you may need to contact your internal IT guru to set this up for you.

Once you have established your VPN connection you can launch your Autodesk software as per normal.  If all goes well your software will open and you can continue to work.  If your network connection is slow or the request for the license is blocked, you will receive a -15.570.0 error (see below).

If this happens you will need to take the troubleshooting steps below:

Cause: VPN connection is too slow and the request times out.

Fix: Add the FLEXLM_TIMEOUT system environment variable.

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If you still get the error then the request may be blocked by the companies firewall.

Cause: The ports used to request the license is blocked.

Fix:  Allow traffic through Ports 2080 and 27000 to 27009.  A quick test can be done by temporarily turning the firewall off, if your IT guru is willing to, and try to get a license.

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If you still cannot get a license, you will need to create a new environment variable to ensure the server is specified correctly.

Cause: The correct server name is not used or host name cannot be resolved.

Fix: Create the ADSKFLEX_LICENSE_FILE environment variable (use the server IP address instead of host name).

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If after this you are still experiencing problem, you will need to take a more detailed look.  View these articles below for In depth guidance.

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