Vault Copy Design – Part 3


Additional files not related to the assembly that was loaded into Copy Design can be added with the Add Objects button

Vault add objects

The default setting for copy design is for all library files and attachments to copy.  By checking the boxes next to Attachments and Include Library Files, the Children files will be displayed in the main panel.  You are then able to assign different copy actions to those files.


Copy Top Nodes will copy all the top level components.

Copy Top Nodes

This includes all main assemblies or objects in the top level in copy design and not the sub assemblies.

Copy files

Copy All will copy all the components and objects inserted into the main panel.   If this was done in error then you can select all the components by selecting the first line item, scrolling down to the bottom of the main panel, hold down shift and select the last line item.   Right click on any of the line items and then select reuse.  This will set all the line items back to the original before you started configuring for the copy design function.



Activating the Rule Set allows the files copied to have different properties from the original if certain conditions are met.  If the Rule Set is not activated then the copied parts will take the exact same properties as the original files.

New Rule

The blue arrow on the right hand side is the Create Copy button.  Once you are completed with configuring your parts and assemblies you can begin the copy operation.