Vault Copy Design – Part 4


The 4 navigation panels (which can be found either in the top, left, right or bottom of the screen) help you to quickly ascertain the current status of the files being copied.

Layout files

The Where Used panel allows you to review what the source name and destination name will be after enabling the copy design.  You are also able to view the reference files from the source as well as the new names that they will have the copy design.

To see the changes you will need to select a file in the main panel.

where used



















The Actions Panel allows you to do the following:

Copy – This panel will show you what is being copied and what name is being used after the copy.  For a quick copy, you can drag and drop from the main panel into the Copy panel.  The source is original name and destination is copied files name.

Reuse – This panel shows what parts and assemblies are not being copied.

Replace – You are able to replace parts and assemblies with other parts and assemblies residing in the Vault.

Exclude – This operation ignores the files during the copy operation and both the original and the copy are not used in the copy design.


The Numbering panel allows you to see the old name and the new name after a numbering scheme has been applied to the file.  You are able to use various numbering schemes in one copy design operation.  This panel also allows for changing the prefix, original name and postfix of the file.


The folders panel lists all the files in either a Tree view or a List view.  In the List view, you are able to change both the name and the destination folder for the copied file.