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Custom Objects are entities in Autodesk Vault that are not standard or default objects in Vault.  For example, a folder, file or item would be an object and a Custom Object is well, anything else that you can think of.  For example if you wanted to create a custom task or list that the user needs to follow, you would create a custom object.

These custom objects also follow the rules that are applied to them as well as following a specific lifecycle that you have assigned to them.

To create a custom object open the Vault Client and select the Tools – Administration – Vault Settings.

Navigate to the Custom Objects tab, select Configure, click on New and fill in the information for your new Custom Object.

Object Definition Name – This is the information for the Display name as well as the Plural Display Name.  Note : A display name and plural display name are required because the Vault uses both contexts throughout the interface

Security – This is to define the security for the object.   Who gets to access the information.

Icon – What icon/thumbnail is displayed in Vault Explorer

To configure the security for the Custom Object select Configure and click on the “Add users or groups to access control list” button.

In the top left hand corner you have a filter to choose which Vault list you select members from.  Either individual users (Users) or from one of the groups (Groups)  that you have created within Vault.

Available Members will display which user or group is available for selection.   Current Members displays which users or groups have been selected to access the object.

The next step is to adjust the permissions for each user.  By default it is set to Read with Modify and Delete set to Blank.  Selecting the cell allows you to add additional permissions such as Write and Delete for that particular Custom Object.

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