Vault Data Cards


If you are currently using Vault Work-group or Professional you will notice the great productivity gains you have incurred from migrating from your standard windows file explorer setup.  Granted you might not be using Vault to it’s full potential, by just using it to store data and access it through a security setup of who can access what and who can edit, it has probably protected your business and bottom line in more ways than one.

Saying this I would like to bring to your attention a button that you might not have clicked on before but have always wondered why it is there. The Data Cards on the File Status panel.

What does it do??

The Data Card is a feature that allows you to quickly access what metadata is currently residing in the part or assembly you are looking at.  You are also able to edit the metadata or iproperties which then gets promptly written back into the Vault database for other users to consume.  All this modification is done without leaving the Inventor Environment.

To modify what you see in the Data Card you can edit it in your Vault settings.

In the below image you will see that you are able to add more than 1 page of iproperties to be scrutinized and modified.  Page 1, Page 2, Page 3.

On each of these pages you can customise and add or remove what information yo would like to be seen in the Data Card in Inventor.

The Data Card in Inventor. Note that there are 3 pages in the configure data card which corresponds with the 3 pages in Inventor.