Vault File Server


Have you ever had to share data from your Autodesk Vault between 2 different sites, be it cities or countries?

In previous releases of Vault, you would install a Vault server and the database on the first premises. You would then also setup another Vault server and database on the second premises and it would be followed by setup replication. So 2 Vault servers and 2 databases. You could also use the setup that you have for the Vault server and database on the first premises and then just the Vault server on the second premises and then you would setup replication.

Replication is the synching or copying of data between 2 sites so that everyone is working off the same data and you do not get duplicates of files when you are working on 2 different sites.

You can actually do all of this for more than 2 sites.

The process of setting this up is very complex and there were many hiccups along the way but if you got it right you could successfully run 1 database of files over 2 locations.

A few releases back Autodesk introduced Vault File Server.  Vault File Server connects directly to the Vault Data Management Server and not to a database.

Vault File Server is a smaller and simpler deployment configuration than the full replication configuration that was traditionally used with fast client access to remote meta-data and to local files.

Vault File Server does not play well with anything other than Windows Server software so please be aware of this if implementing.  This is because of the replication portion that it does.

Once installed you point the Vault File Server to wherever you Autodesk Data Management Server is installed and it links the 2.  Vault File Server  will then ask for where you want the local file store to be saved and then you replicate.

You now have  2 connected sites with effectively 2 filestores and 1 database.