What’s New AutoCAD 2020


AutoCAD 2020 has been released and with it comes new features.

With the introduction of the specialized toolsets, the whats new for AutoCAD basically included all the modules of the toolset but in the background Autodesk was still adding new or improved feature son the vanilla AutoCAD.

AutoCAD now has the ability to be viewed AND edited on any device.  Android (YES!!) iPhone (YES!!) iPAD (YES!!) device.  Getting to your drawings has never been easier.

Everyone is now talking about the cloud and that trust issue that many had (not having your data on premises) is slowly getting eroded away.

AutoCAD 2020 now enhances and makes saving into the cloud so easy.  Saving directly into the cloud is provided with the click of a button as well as opening from the cloud. Any changes that are made while on your portable device are automatically saved and accessible to your desktop version for more editing.

The block palette has been enhanced allowing for easier placement and identification of what block is about to get inserted into your drawing.

Have you received a drawing and you want to interrogate the drawings measurements.  What needs to be done is select the measure tool and then start clicking on points.  This can be a very tedious task but with AutoCAD 2020 it is a breeze.  Click on quick measure and anywhere your mouse goes, you will see nearby measurements. So easy !!

Everyone is talking about dark theme and Autodesk has listened.  Go Dark Theme for less strain on the eyes!!!

The DWG compare has also been enhanced by not leaving your current drawing and comparing the differences between the 2 drawings.

Purging a drawing has also been enhanced by removing multiple unwanted objects more quickly and easily.

Not have much time in your day for doing installations.  Well now AutoCAD is able to install (on Solid State Drives) even quicker.  Up to 50% according to Autodesk.

Well there you have it.  Now go out and enjoy your new software.