Fusion 360 Automated Exploded Views with Bill of materials

With Fusion 360 it has the capability for Automated Exploded View of your assembly. When you have your assembly open on the drop down of the design tab, select animation.

This will then move your Assembly on to the animation tab. Once your assembly is in the animation tab, you will have a few different options and tools, available. Have the Storyboard tab which creates the timeline.

Under your Transform tab you have a drop-down menu, with a few different options available, from appearance to manual explode, and even Auto Explode.

Furthermore, you have the Annotation, View and Publish tabs Available. When you select the whole assembly, and on the drop-down tab from the transform, you can select the Auto-Explode: All Levels option. You will notice your assembly has been fully exploded and you can choose the exploded scale, by using the slider. When you are happy with the distance you can select the green tick to accept it.

When the Exploded View has been Created, go to the dropdown menu of the animation, Select the drawing option, From Animation.

After you have created your Drawing Requirements, like paper size, units, and standards, your drawing will be created. You can place your view as per the requirements.

After your exploded view has been Placed, you can insert a table.

The type will stay on a parts list, place your table and press ok. Notice the Parts List has been updated Automatically with the Balloons in place, linking to the table that has been placed. When you double click on the table you will be able to customize the table, and select the Columns Required for the drawing.

After Customization of the table has been done, can select ok, and the table will be updated as needed. All this is Depended to the original parts that has been created. If part numbers or for instance if material has been added to the Original Parts and design. With Fusion being Associative, if any modifications have been made to the original parts, Fusion will Update, everything that’s linked to that original Part.

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