Enhancing Design Efficiency with SUMO’s Dynamic Design Groups

At this stage, you’re likely well-acquainted with Design Links and their utility. Prokon has elevated this functionality by introducing Design Groups to SUMO, offering a dynamic link between SUMO and Design Links, facilitating real-time updates of member sizes in SUMO’s model space.

Currently, three Design Groups operate in this manner: Rectangular Column (C11), Column Base Design (15), and Combine (S02). These groups are established in the Design Links workspace, allowing for multiple groups per Design Link. Notably, the Combine Design Group introduces additional functionality by automatically creating groups based on member profile disparities, with SUMO seamlessly assigning these members into their respective Design Groups.

Certain sections may be excluded due to limitations in the referenced SANS code. Once configured, the Optimise command can be executed, updating member sizes per the Combine design.

Before optimization, below are the section sizes for each respective Design Group. Following optimization, a Design Update will be provided, detailing changes in member counts and section/profile designations, which can be applied at your discretion.

Multiple rounds of Evaluate and Optimize runs may be necessary to ensure all Design Groups reach an ‘OK’ status, considering the impact of profile changes on member masses and imposed loads.

The workflow for Rectangular Column and Column Base Design is more straightforward compared to Combine, yet the end result remains consistent.

Design Groups serve as invaluable time-saving tools, streamlining conceptual model setup and enabling deeper design exploration.

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