Interpreting Punching Shear Output


Punching Shear is a critical check for flat slabs and certain types of footings, especially considering that failure due to punching shear is “instantaneous” and as a result catastrophic. This is where Prokon’s Punching Shear module comes in.

With a very simple interface to navigate, it is easy to set up a model and design it for Punching Shear.

With all of your parameters set and completed loads table, you can proceed to the Design tab where you will see a table what includes all of the relevant design data. Interpreting these results correctly is important.

Considering the Suggest Reinforcement Configurations: These recommendations are for the entire perimeter, meaning that the quantity of bars needs to be divided by four (4) to get a number per side. For example: Perimeter 1’s recommendations are 33R12. This requires 8,25 ~ 9 clips per side of Perimeter 1.

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