SUMO: MKL Pardiso Error – Part 1


You’ve spent hours building your model SUMO. Hundreds, in some cases thousands, of members. All of your members have been loaded. Plane Shells have been meshed and Analysis Settings adjusted. You are ready to hit that Solve button and you do. With a sigh of relief you see the Analysis Progress Bar filling up, when all of a sudden you see a message that causes a cold tingle to run down your back:

No problem! You navigate to the Output Table. Surely it is just something minor or maybe just forgot to set up. With the Output Table displayed you are stared down by an error description that makes that cold tingle even colder:

This particular error has stumped MANY users is it is not particularly helpful in telling you exactly what the problem is (in normal language) nor on what to do next. It is time to change this. The Pardiso Error means one of the following, or both:

  • Your model is Numerically Instable. This means that your Supports/Fixities have been set up in such a way that the model lacks stability. SUMO is incredibly sensitive to Support conditions and Member Fixities and it will prevent you from performing an analysis regardless of whether or not there are any loads in a particular direction or member. This can be a complicated and tedious problem to solve and will be discussed in SUMO: MKL Pardiso Error – Part 2.
  • Some of your members buckle. If any of your members buckle, the same error will pop up if you run a Second-Order or Non-Linear analysis. It is always best to check this possibility first as it is the fastest. Change your Analysis Type to Buckling and run the Analysis. If the Analysis completes, you’ve found your problem. If it doesn’t, the first point is your problem.

The above should at the very least give you a foothold and a point of reference. Part 2 will discuss a sequenced approach to the first point in order to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

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