AutoCAD 3D – Solid editing Tab – Part 2 – Interference

In the last blog,

Solid editing Tab – Part 1,

we went through the Boolean options,

These give us the ability to turn simple objects into complex objects.

In this one we will look at Interference




It is the first one in Solid editing that gives us some options in the command bar,

The First one is straightforward,

Nested Selection and Settings.

The former is a selection and the later is for the settings,

In here we can change the visual styles and interference display colour.











When we select the two object sets to compare,

This is a bit odd at first, as we can add multiple objects to a set,

then add multiple to the other set, if you stagger the selections,

you can control the level of detail and clashes (if any) detected.

After selecting, we are given a special menu, Interference Checking.

The left side shows items in each set and amount of interference found.

Using the Previous and Next buttons,

allows you to hop between all points of interference,

If we try to move around, you notice that the viewport is locked,

The buttons on the far-right side of the menu, are what we use to navigate,

The first button is to Zoom, below is Pan, and last is Orbit.

The Zoom to Pair checkbox automatically jumps to and locks us onto the Highlighted object.

The last checkbox just deletes the data objects that was created.

Once you are done,

Selecting Close will end the Interference checking and return you to AutoCAD.


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